FREE Growth Mindset Printable

I love making classroom decorations! It makes me so happy to create a warm and inviting space every year that is personalized for my classes that year. I just made a little poster that says “Every mistake you make is progress” to print out, laminate and post near my classroom door. Download FREE poster HERE

This year, I am dedicating myself to inspiring a growth mindset in my students. I want my classroom to include lots of physical reminders of this mindset shift, so this little poster will be part of a large set of similar posters that I sprinkle throughout the room. Since I am teaching ninth graders this year, I feel a special sense of responsibility because I will be giving them their first impression of advanced mathematics. If they have a good experience in ninth grade with Algebra 1, and develop a strong growth mindset around math, I can set them up for success in the rest of high school. If not, I may turn them off to math for the rest of high school, closing doors to them that they may not even know exist. So yea, no pressure 😉
Enjoy! If you end up using it, please post a pic of it in your classroom and tag me in it! 
Happy start of the year! 
    Yours in math-ed,