Happy September, fellow teachers!
I am SO excited to start this new school year. It will be my ninth year teaching – where does the time go!? I am starting a new position at a new school in the Bronx. In this position, I get to teach 3 classes and spend the rest of my day coaching and planning professional development for my colleagues. I am so happy to have this opportunity to stay in the classroom, while dipping my toes into the world of educational leadership. Kudos to the NYC Department of Education for offering this career ladder for teachers. Hopefully more districts will follow their lead!

I hope to use this blog to share ideas and resources that may benefit other teachers. I remember frantically googling looking for ideas or materials to use in my first few years. By now, I have amassed a ton of materials that I am eager to share. Since this year I will be teaching Algebra 1 and AP Statistics, expect LOTS of materials for those classes. 

I also believe strongly in the importance of a positive classroom environment. I will share all of the materials I use to help create a warm, positive, growth-oriented classroom ambiance.

Happy new school year!
Yours in math-ed,